Personal Branding

Reinvent and Manage Your Brand
  • Do you want to create the kind of image that helps you lock down jobs, makes promotions a snap, and gains the respect of your peers? Add this book to your arsenal where you’ll both learn and write the template for your own personal brand. You will also begin to craft a brand that’s in alignment with your personal goals.
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Easier Networking

For Introverts and the Socially Reluctant
  • easier_networking_COVEREasier Networking for Introverts and the Socially Reluctant- 4-step guide specifically used by those not naturally extroverted, and who need networking guidance that will work for them.   Here, I give you– bite-sized steps – for learning to network without the usual dread experienced by Introverts.

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Career Mapping

Plan your career on purpose
  • The saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail is particularly true for your career. If you don’t like the direction your career has gone, a lack of a solid career plan is to blame. Maybe you never gave a career plan any thought before now. It’s never too late to put your career on track and finally enjoy your dreams.
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Elevator Speeches

That Get Results
  • elevator_speeches_COVERIf you liked “How to Win Friends and Influence People” or “What Color Is My Parachute”, you’ll want to add this to your library. If the first 30 seconds in answer to the “What Do You Do?” question isn’t compelling or interesting, you have wasted an opportunity to make a powerful, and lasting, first impression.
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My management background as an Introvert puts me in a position to offer you unique career guidance you really won’t find elsewhere. You could say, it’s custom tailored for Introverts. My mission is to teach and coach you, as I have hundreds of others, with immediate results. Browse my books & resources that are now available on Amazon.Com. Above you will find short descriptions of the resources available to you, with a link to their individual pages.

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Introvert Whisperer